Avolites SHORTCUTs 

Shortcuts and tips for Avolites Titan consoles

- <n> Means typing a number

- [ ] Means a hard key on the console

- { } Means a soft key on the screen

  • Set the time: Click on the clock in the top bar. Always check the time zone before changing hours to prevent licensing issues

  • Hard Key Not Working: Use the Virtual Panel from the {Tools} menu to get you thru till it can be repaired.

  • Set Desk Lamp or Screen Brightness: Enter the system menu ([AVO] + [DISK]) use wheels to adjust (only some consoles have brightness control)

  • Set BPM/Rate directly: <n> then tap one of the masters keys (any of them) and it will set that as the BPM/Rate %

  • Fire Macro n times: Type number then fire macro, macro will be played that many times

  • Quickly set record type: press [Record] once for Cue, twice for chase, three times for cue list

  • [AVO] + [COPY] = move

  • [AVO] + [Palette} = Quick access to the record palette menu

  • [AVO] + [Group} = Quick access to the record group menu

  • [AVO] + [Macro} = Quick access to the record Macro menu

  • How to delete a workspace: [Open/view] then [Delete] to delete any workspace

  • Change fade time of next Cue: <n> [GO] - fades in the next cue in a cuelist in n seconds, overriding the programmed fade time

  • Search deep in menus: use the search box to find menu options faster

  • Options missing in a Menu: Check to see if you have typed in the search box in the prompt area by accident

  • Window too small to Adjust: [Open/View] + [Min/Max] to resize window

  • Move Window to different screen: [AVO] + [Size/Postion]  Moves the currently selected window to another screen.

  • Close All Windows: [AVO] + [Close]

  • Clear over a time: <n> Then [Clear] will clear over that time

  • Wheel [@] Keys: Allow fast Access to Freeze, Off, Or on for the attribute active for that wheel

    • Tap it twice for 100% of a percentage based attribute (such as Intensity, RGB, or CMY)​

  • Add full intensity to the Programmer: Tap [@][@]​

  • Add a percentage of intensity to the programmer:  [@] = <n> for percentage you want.

  • Quick exit menus to the top:  [AVO] + [EXIT]

  • What is the next available channel to patch:  In patch view. If you need to quickly find the next available DMX address you can click on the 'space' between the fixtures in the {Bar graph} and if you are patching it will automatically put this address in the patching.

  • Save the show instantly: Tap [DISK] [DISK]

  • Select All Fixtures:  [AVO] + [ALL] [ALL] [ALL]

  • Want to Move/Copy/Delete lots of items:  Use the [Latch Menu] after [COPY], [MOVE], or [DELETE] to stay in that menu

  • How to see/select cells on multi cell:  Use [Unfold]

  • Move Camera in Capture within wheels: In the Context Menu {Camera Move} then how you want to move the camera

  • Quick Pattern Selection: Select fixtures or Group then click [ALL] to select within selected fixtures a pattern such as odd, even, random - etc

  • Group Pattern Selection: Click and hold {Group} then select from the soft keys Odd/Even etc

  • Record time into palettes/cues:  Use the [Time] key to put times in the programmer

  • Release all running playbacks:  Double tap [Release] to release all running playbacks


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