PRO  Tools 

Helpful links and online tools for your on the go needs. Pro Tools are great to help with AV rentals.

  • Avolites Shortcuts

    A list of helpful shortcuts to help navigate Avolites Titan consoles with precision.

  • Gobo Tool

    A online tool to help build custom gobos online for events. Great for weddings and branding.

  • Barrel Size Chart

    A helpful chart to calculate the size of barrel needed depending ont the needed length and size.

  • LJ Fixture Archive

    An online database of profiles for fixtures. This link is for designers using Martin Lightjockey.

  • Draper Screens

    An online tool used to determine what specific pieces are needed to create draper screen sizes.

  • Elation Facebook

    The Elation Facebook group is a great place to ask for tip and help with elation products.

  • TrussTool 3D

    Global Truss's online tool to create 3d models of truss configurations. Great for drawings.

  • Fixture Finder

    A search tool allowing you to search for a lighting fixture based on your specific needs.

  • Serato Tone

    A dropbox link to download a 70 minute Serato tone to be used with Serato products.

  • Pioneer Firmware

    A database of all pioneer products and links to update the firmware and operating systems.

  • Keep Vid

    An online tool for downloading youtube videos to your computer. Great for presentations.

  • File Transfer

    An online tool for transferring large files from one person to another. 

  • VJ Loops

    A database of several VJ loops for you to download for free. High quality downloads.

  • Clip Converter

    An online tool for converting media files from one format to another. 

  • Cloud Convert

    An online tool that allows you to download video files and convert to specific format.

  • PDF Merge Tool

    An online tool to help take separate PDF files and merge them into one document.

  • Facebook Down

    An online tool that allows you to download Facebook videos to your computer for presentations.

  • Envato Market

    An online stare and one stop shop for all digital media needs and licensed  content.


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